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ATLA was born five years ago by Chef & Founder Enrique Olvera as a brand tastefully infused with funk, fun and creativity. The soul of ATLA is inspired by quintessential Mexican flavors, landscapes, and stories.

The name itself derives from the Aztec word ATL-TLACHINOLI, which bonds the elements fire and water—or, in our case, food and drink. The identity of ATLA embodies a number of core values: living, harvesting, cooking, and the pleasures of the table are chief among them.

ATLA is a casual all-day eatery offering simple and traditional yet inventive Mexican dishes as we understand it: no short-cuts, authentic, yet with a global perspective and an unequivocal focus on fresh, organic, sustainable and seasonal ingredients.

While relaxed in nature, the restaurant is flexible enough to gradually evolve into a sleek night-time venue to showcase the depth of our hand-crafted beverages in a lively environment.

The architecture follows Chef Olvera’s food language, simple and with close attention to the smallest details, ATLA’s design suggests a cozy patio typical of early Acapulco, which is still prevalent in Mexico. 

A long terrazzo bar offers a place to enjoy a quick bite or a drink.